Seaweed as feed supplement – new practice abstract

Feeding low doses of seaweed to piglets may positively affect gut health and reduce diarrhoea.

Whey in pig feed – new tool

This video shows the successful use of whey as a feedstuff on a multispecies farm.

Foraging of pigs in outdoor areas – new practice abstract

To reduce the risk of nutrient losses from free-range pigs, it is important to limit stocking…

Cultivation of faba beans – new tool

This tool deals with cultivation recommendations for faba beans. It has been developed for…

Organic soybeans – new tool

The brochure describes step-by-step key practice points for producing and using self-grown soybeans…

Organic pea production – new tool

This tool describes the management of pea cultivation including the geographical area, variety…

Organic soybeans – Managing quality from field to feedingMost popular tool

Organic soybeans – Managing quality from field to feeding

Soybeans are rich in protein and have a well-balanced amino acid profile. Since soya fits well for many farms in Europe, it provides also an option…

Cultivation of soybeansLatest tool

Cultivation of soybeans

The on-farm cultivation of soybeans presents the farmer with challenges. Climate and location requirements, the preceding crop and crop rotation play…