Seaweed as feed supplement – new practice abstract

Feeding low doses of seaweed to piglets may positively affect gut health and reduce diarrhoea.

Whey in pig feed – new tool

This video shows the successful use of whey as a feedstuff on a multispecies farm.

Foraging of pigs in outdoor areas – new practice abstract

To reduce the risk of nutrient losses from free-range pigs, it is important to limit stocking…

Cultivation of faba beans – new tool

This tool deals with cultivation recommendations for faba beans. It has been developed for…

Organic soybeans – new tool

The brochure describes step-by-step key practice points for producing and using self-grown soybeans…

Organic pea production – new tool

This tool describes the management of pea cultivation including the geographical area, variety…

How to successfully convert to organic arable farmingMost popular tool

How to successfully convert to organic arable farming

The leaflet addresses farmers who are interested in conversion to organic arable farming. Information includes contact points for workshops and…

Cultivation of soybeansLatest tool

Cultivation of soybeans

The on-farm cultivation of soybeans presents the farmer with challenges. Climate and location requirements, the preceding crop and crop rotation play…