New tool on feeding pigs in organic farming

This technical booklet summarizes the recommendations and knowledge from four research projects.…

New tool on how to make poultry feed more sustainable

The tool offers potential alternatives to organic soya which could be grown in the UK.

New tool on poultry feeding in organic farming

This technical guide summarizes the expertise of researchers and advisors and the knowledge acquired…

New tool on soybean processing technologies

This tool presents the most common technologies available or used in Central Europe to process…

New tool to optimize the cost of poultry feed

AVIFAF is a software to assist in the formulation of on-farm feedstuffs for poultry breeding.

New tool on reducing contentrate feedstuff for sows

This video presents the results of a trial testing the implantation of meadows grazed by pregnant…

How to successfully convert to organic arable farmingMost popular tool

How to successfully convert to organic arable farming

The leaflet addresses farmers who are interested in conversion to organic arable farming. Information includes contact points for workshops and…

Feeding pigs in organic farmingLatest tool

Feeding pigs in organic farming

The technical booklet "Feeding pigs in organic farming" is intended for farmers and advisors. It is based on the results of four research projects and…