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Farm video production webinar from NEFERTITI

“How to produce your own farm video to enhance knowledge exchange” webinar on July 09, 2020, from…

Organic Farm Knowledge webinar - July 6th

Are you interested in knowledge exchange about organic farming? 

Legumes Translated videos on organic soya available

Six videos explain the many aspects of growing organic soybeans

BIOFRUITNET project - improving crop protection in organic fruit production

Project call for questionnaire participants - aiming to deeper understand the challenges European…

Whey for fattening organic pigs – new practice abstract

Whey is an alternative source of high-quality protein for fattening pigs. It can supply one-third of…

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SortInfoMost popular tool


SortInfo is an interactive website that provides both organic and conventional farmers with efficient and quick access to reliable trial results on…

Whey for fattening organic pigs (OK-Net Ecofeed Practice Abstract)Latest tool

Whey for fattening organic pigs (OK-Net Ecofeed Practice Abstract)

Benefits • Whey is a natural ingredient derived from fresh milk and is characterized by its high nutritive value, palatability, and digestibility. •…