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Weed management

Weed management

Weeds are part of the natural world and are found in biodiverse cropping systems that do not use synthetic products to eliminate them. However, they need to be controlled in order to get good crop yields. The amount and diversity of weed types that appear among crops depends on crop rotation, nitrogen supply, soil type, soil structure, climate, and weed control measures. For example, in arable systems dominated by cash crops and with a low share of perennial grass-clover leys in the crop rotation, perennial weeds such as couch grass and thistles can severely damage production. In general, careful selection of crop varieties and strengthening their competitive advantage is a precondition for efficient and effective suppression of weeds.

On this page, you can find tools and resources that can help you design a robust weed management plan, and you can discuss the topic with others.

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Comb harrow: efficient weed control in cereals

In the beginning, weeds with shallow roots were successfully eradicated by the harrow. Others (e.g., burdock and stork’s bill) were controlled to a…

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