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Plant breeding and variety trials

Plant breeding and variety trials

The vast majority of seeds used in organic production in Europe is based on varieties that were bred for the conventional sector. There are only few varieties that were specifically bred for organic and low-input systems in developed countries. Organic breeding leads to new organic cultivars or populations specifically adapted to organic agriculture. Organic farmers need cultivars and populations that are well adapted to their specific agro-ecological conditions. Desired traits include water and nutrient use efficiency, good weed competition as well as resistance to pests and diseases. Novel breeding concepts and strategies adapted to organic and low-input farming are needed to address the demand for organic seeds.

On this page, you will find information on breeding programmes developed specifically for organic farming, prioritizing different traits required under organic and low-input systems. Here you will also find lists of varieties developed in different countries as well as information on novel breeding and screening tools and on holistic breeding concepts.

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Cultivating a diverse wheat population suitable for low-input and organic farmingMost popular tool

Cultivating a diverse wheat population suitable for low-input and organic farming

The Population produces more stable yields than those of the parent varieties due to more efficient use of soil nutrients and water, and lower plant…

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