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Nutrient management

Nutrient management

One of the main factors limiting yields in organic farming is insufficient nitrogen supply. Growing leguminous crops is the most effective way to increase nitrogen levels in the soil, but incorporating crop residues and manure can also be effective. Too much nitrogen or incorporating nitrogen at the wrong time of the crop cycle can cause more harm than good, so it is very important to understand the needs of each crop you are growing and the expected mineralisation rates of the fertiliser you apply. Deficiencies in potassium, phosphorus and sulphur may also limit yields and need to be considered in your fertilisation strategy.

On this page, you can find tools and resources that can help you design a robust nutrient management plan, and you can discuss the topic with others.

How to successfully convert to organic arable farmingMost popular tool

How to successfully convert to organic arable farming

The leaflet addresses farmers who are interested in conversion to organic arable farming. Information includes contact points for workshops and…

Nitrogen budget calculator. A tool to calculate N-budgets in organic forage systemsLatest tool

Nitrogen budget calculator. A tool to calculate N-budgets in organic forage systems

The purpose of the tool is to help farmers in estimating the N content of forages based on the percentage of legumes, the management and harvesting…



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