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> Nutrient management

> Nutrient management

One of the main factors limiting yields in organic farming is insufficient nitrogen supply. Growing leguminous crops is the most effective way to increase nitrogen levels in the soil, but incorporating crop residues and manure can also be effective. Too much nitrogen or incorporating nitrogen at the wrong time of the crop cycle can cause more harm than good, so it is very important to understand the needs of each crop you are growing and the expected mineralisation rates of the fertiliser you apply. Deficiencies in potassium, phosphorus and sulphur may also limit yields and need to be considered in your fertilisation strategy.

On this page, you can find tools and resources that can help you design a robust nutrient management plan, and you can discuss the topic with others.

Featured tools

Advanced system in wheat: Combination of agronomical levels: The French experimentMost popular tool

Advanced system in wheat: Combination of agronomical levels: The French experiment

The purpose of this tool is to provide information on the production of wheat without pesticides or fertilizer. The tool suggests crop rotation,…

Utilisation of waste heat from biogas plants for drying fine-grained legumes (OK-Net Ecofeed Practice Abstract)Latest tool

Utilisation of waste heat from biogas plants for drying fine-grained legumes (OK-Net Ecofeed Practice Abstract)

Continuous dryer • The legumes must be mown early. Then they are chopped with knives in the loader wagon (length 3.5 cm). • As a rule, it is left to…



TitleIssuing organisationProjectYear of releaseRating
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Advanced system in wheat: Combination of agronomical levels: The French...-5 (1)
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Challenges of Organic Arable Farming 5th module: Crops specific problems and...2017
Challenges of Organic Arable Farming - 6th module: Recovery and final synthesis2017
Choosing cover crops for arable crop rotations2018
Commercial organic fertiliser as supplementary fertilisers in potato crop...20174 (1)
Composting leaflet – agroecological approach at your farm20134.5 (2)
Controlled traffic farming: A new track for soil and weed control in organic...2018
Controlling docks by stubble cultivation20174.5 (2)
Cover crop and living mulch toolbox20143.4 (10)
Cover crop mulches and no-till soybean2017
Crop Management of Rapeseed and Pollen Beetle Control20164 (1)
Crop rotation and its ability to suppress perennial weeds20163 (1)
Crop Rotation in Organic Systems-
Cultivation in rows – Catch crops - tolerance and regrowth2018
Cultivation in rows – cereals with catch crops2018
Cultivation in rows – Nitrogen fixation by catch crops and their effect on yield2018
Cultivation in rows – Sowing time for catch crops20185 (2)
Cultivation in rows – Weed control between stubble rows2018
Cultivation in rows – Weed control in spring cereal grains20185 (1)
Cultivation of faba beans2014
Cultivation of soybeans2018
Demonstration of Plough Dethatchers20144.5 (2)
Determine compost quality using the cress tests2018
Direct Sowing of Maize2015
Direct sowing with green manure2018
Diverse fertility building leys in arable rotations20173.5 (2)
Earthworms: architects of fertile soils20143.6 (11)
Efficient nitrogen use from livestock manure2016
Efficient use of nitrogen from livestock manure20174 (2)
Grain legumes and soil fertility - Strategies for a successful cultivation20143.5 (2)
Green manure and cover crops in organic agriculture: general introduction2012
Green manure and cover crops in organic agriculture: guide to the choice of the...20124 (3)
Growing cover crops in organic arable crop rotations: Best practices from...20174 (2)
Growing cover crops in organic arable crop rotations: best practices from...2016
Hairy Vetch – an Excellent Green Manure for Dry Conditions20144 (2)
How to successfully convert to organic arable farming20175 (2)
Incorporating Green Manures20134.5 (2)
Inter-row cultivation for mechanical weed control in winter oilseed rape-
Intercropping grain peas with barley2015
Knowledge exchange platform for agroecology-3.2 (6)
LeNiBa - the KTBL / isip app for nitrogen balancing of legumes-
Managing for Soil Health on an Organic Farm - A Farmer's Perspective2014
Monitoring and comparing cover crop performances2018
Multispectral remote sensing in participatory on-farm variety trials2018
NDICEA - A digital tool to model nutrient balances across a crop rotation2018
NDICEA - Nitrogen Planer – version 6.220144 (4)
Nitrogen budget calculator. A tool to calculate N-budgets in organic forage...20133.8 (4)
Nitrogen supply for winter oilseed rape20174 (1)
Nutrient Budgeting: Organic Considerations for Implementing NRCS CPS 5902014
Nutrient management in farms in conversion to organic2008
Nutrient supply20112 (1)
Organic Cultivation in Spring 2016 - Varieties, Seeds and Crop management2016
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Organic grain legumes at a glance2009
Organic quality wheat production - Results of long-term field trials of...2016
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Organic Small Grain Production2011
Organic soya2009
Organic Soybean made easy2018
Organic Soybean production in Europe2016
Organic Weed Management: A Practical Guide2000
Pest Management in Organic Cropping Systems-
Plant protection in organic farming2008
Potato Crop Management2010
Practical advice for organic production of lupines20144 (4)
Processing Quality of Organic Wheat2015
Regionally adapted humus balance in organic farming20133.7 (3)
Results an lessons learnt from field vegetables activity - cabbage-
Results and lessons learnt from wheat-based cropping system activity-
ROTOR: organic crop rotation planner20074.6 (11)
SmartSOIL Tool20152 (3)
Soil and Fertility Management in Organic Systems-5 (1)
Soil fertility - manure treatment2009
Sort Out Your Soil: A practical guide to green manures-4 (5)
Soybean silage2018
Successful cultivation of grain legumes mixed with cereals2017
Testing peas for legume fatigue20175 (1)
The Spade test - Visual soil assessment in the field20164.7 (3)
The use of legumes - Nature-compatible cultivation practices2014
Toasting soybeans for feeding laying hens (OK-Net EcoFeed Video)2020
Transition to organic production-
Use of variety mixtures to reduce disease, increase resource-use efficiency...-
Utilisation of waste heat from biogas plants for drying fine-grained legumes...2020
Weed control in organic farming through mechanical solutions20113.5 (4)
Weed control in soy with the finger weeder2017
Weed harrowing in spring cereals-
Weed trimming in soybeans2017
Winter field peas as green manure before maize20174.5 (2)

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