2022: Only domestic organic feed for ruminants in Switzerland

From 2022 onwards, ruminants in Switzerland may only be fed with Swiss feed certified by Bio Suisse, the federation of Swiss organic farmers. Imported soya or lucerne may no longer be used. Heavily affected farmers are supported by advisory services.

High-quality roughage for dairy cows will become even more important from 2022 onwards. (Photo: Bio Suisse, Claudia Frick)

For farms with more than 14 cows that feed protein concentrate and have a lactation yield of over 7000 litres, Bio Suisse provides a free advisor from the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), who will support the farmer in converting the feeding system to 2022 in accordance with the guidelines.

The consultation includes two farm visits and one monthly consultation by phone or e-mail. An situation analysis on feeding, fertility and animal health is carried out and the strategy for reducing protein feed is defined in a joint discussion. The second farm visit is made after a feeding period. Participating farmers are invited to an annual meeting to exchange experiences. The farms are required to pay 200 Swiss francs to share the costs.

This article was published on Bioaktuell.ch, the platform for Swiss organic farmers, on 29 July 2019.

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