Improving organic crop cultivation book

Burleigh Dodds series in agriculture science features many books delivering knowledge about sustainable organic agriculture. Highlighted here, a book covering a wide-range of organic crop cultivation topics.

Improving organic crop cultivation book cover. Source: Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing.

Global sales of organic products have grown significantly, yet organic farming remains a small percentage of overall agricultural production with lower yields than conventional methods. Organic crop cultivation thus faces a range of challenges if it is to grow significantly. Organic Farm Knowledge currently features 180 tools on the theme of organic crop production.

This book volume reviews the wealth of research addressing current challenges in four parts:

  • Part 1, Crop breeding and cultivation: reviews developments in improving cultivation across the value chain, from breeding more robust, low input varieties to ways of maintaining soil health and improving crop nutrition
  • Part 2, Crop pests and diseases: discusses the key topic of pests and diseases with reviews of integrated pest and weed management as well as organic plant protection products
  • Part 3, Standards and monitoring: covers ways of monitoring the environmental impact of organic farming
  • Part 4, Organic crop cultivation in the developing world: discusses ways of supporting organic cultivation in the developing world

Key features of the book:

  • Reviews key advances and best practice in cultivation techniques across the value chain of organic farming 
  • Discusses ways of monitoring and improving the environmental impact of organic crop production 
  • Particular focus on ways of supporting organic farming in the developing world


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