Organic Farm Knowledge collaborates with the FAO

This platform was created through partnerships and will continue to thrive only through strengthening and furthering alliances. That's why we've teamed up with the Food and Agriculture Organisation to strengthen our outreach and make lasting change in our food system.

Partnerships and collaborations are an essential to creating lasting change. In the past few months, the Organic Farm Knowledge team and the FAO Agroecology Knowledge Hub and Family Farming Knowledge Platform teams have built a partnership to reach our common goal of promoting more sustainable and equitable farming practices and food system. The synergistic partnership has allowed us to further our outreach, reaching more farmers and practitioners worldwide.

The Organic Farm Knowledge platform is now featured in the database of both the Agroecology Hub and the Family Farming Knowledge Platform. Additonally, we partake in the Global Family Farming & Agroecology Community of Practice (CoP), an e-mail group that brings together people committed to working on family farming and agroecology related issues allowing them to share and co-create information, knowledge and advice in order to achieve sustainable agriculture and food systems. Currently, there are more than 1000 members subscribed from 110 different countries. In addition to the Global CoP, the FAO also hosts two sub-communities for Africa, and Latin America and Caribbean Regions (LAC). All are linked below. We share our monthly newsletter, which shared the latest news, tools, videos and more, with the CoP and have recieved some positive replies and feedback from members of the community thus far.

The platform was highlighted in the Agroecology Knowledge Platform December 2020 Newsletter, in the 'Latest from partners' section! This newsletter is available in English, French and Spanish, and the subscription is linked below.

We thank the FAO team for their efforts and initiative and hope to continue to strengthen our partnership in the future!

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