New ration planning tool for poultry and swine - Training in March

Formulating feed using calculation software in organic is a challenge. This new tool improves the feed database to meet the needs of organic farmers!

Ration Planning Tool zones explained

Ration Planning Tool zones

Within the scope of the OK-Net EcoFeed project, the Ration Planning Tool and Manual was developed led by ITAB. The tools objective is to help farmers achieve a 100% organic diet for monogastric animals by improving the feed database programme. This aligns with the feed objectives for the coming years, the goals of farm autonomy. The tool allows the user to compose rations for pig and poultry farming based on two entries:

  1. Production objectives (types of animals, age, slaughter weight, laying potential...) and,
  2. Usable organic feedstuffs

Although there is an manual to accompany the tool, a training with tools creators will provide insights and help you, the user, to understand and use the tool to its full capacity.  The training will take place online on the 18th of March from 2 to 3:30pm (CET). Registration is linked below.

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