Online seminar "Innovating the European organic fruit production"

The Biofruitnet project invites you to come together for its first online seminar and to learn about how the EU funded project aims to innovate organic fruit production in Europe.

Plant protection against pests and diseases is a big issue for organic fruit growers, as fruit is a very sensitive produce. Many organic farmers in Europe have locally adapted their own practices and techniques to successfully deal with the challenge of organic crop protection. However, this valuable practical knowledge often remains at the local level, instead of being shared with fruit growers in other regions facing the same problems. The Biofruitnet project aims to connect practitioners in the organic fruit sector throughout Europe and making these successful methods of crop protection available to all.

The online seminar will take place on 3 December 2020 from 10.00 am to 12.20 pm (CET) on the online platform Zoom. The event is organised by Ángela Morell Pérez and Évelyne Alcázar Marín from the Spanish Biofruitnet partner Ecovalia.


  • Marco Schlüter, International Development Manager, Naturland
  • Eligio Malusa, Associate Professor, Research Institute Ogrodnictwa
  • Dr. Markus Kelderer, Head of research Area Fruit Growing, Group leader Organic Farming, LAIMBURG Research Center
  • Dr. Michael Friedli, Group leader fruit and berry cultivation technique, Department of Crop Sciences at the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)
  • Dr. Vincenzo Verrastro, Scientific Administrator, CIHEAM-IAMB


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