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> Animal health

> Animal health

One of the objectives of organic farming is to keep livestock healthy as a matter of principle, primarily by taking preventive measures. Livestock health depends on a range of factors such as the environment, feeding, housing, social behaviour within the herd or flock as well as general management and husbandry. Holistic animal health strategies consider all these factors; together, they underpin preventive herd/flock health management.

When food-producing animals fall ill they are largely treated using orthodox veterinary medicines, such as antibiotics. However, frequent use of antibiotics results in the development of antibiotics-resistant micro-organisms and these are now often found in farm animals. Moreover, via the animals’ faeces and urine such antibiotics-resistant micro-organisms are discharged into the environment where they may only slowly degrade.

In organic farming, preference is to be given to treating sick animals using complementary veterinary practices (e.g. phytotherapy or homoeopathy). Chemically-synthesized veterinary medication is to be reduced to a minimum and should only be resorted to in emergencies.

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